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Each year, more than 4. 3 million women give birth in the U.S.  Virtually all of these women will use at least one medication during pregnancy or during breastfeeding.,,,,,,,,,


Several weekends ago, one of my sons was visiting and said he needed to talk to me. The topic of discussion was near and dear to my heart. He and his wife had recently attended a fund raising event for a local crisis pregnancy center. One of the speakers was a former nurse at an abortion clinic. She did not show any grisly slides, none of the familiar, yet shocking, pictures of unborn aborted children. She...,,,,,,,,,

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  February 2-8 What's New This Week Phosphorus - Our new phosphorus article lists scallops, sardines, soybeans and pumpkin seeds among the World's Healthiest Foods richest in this important nutrient.,,

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On this website you will find information about relationships , sex and sexual health , STI’s , pregnancy , advice on how to talk to others about sex and information about local sexual health services for Runcorn , St Helens and Widnes .,,,,,,,,,

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Whether you are hopeful, worried or curious about conceiving, getting to know the signs and symptoms of pregnancy will be your first and most important step on the road ahead.,,,,

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Why Won't She Leave Him? Why do women suffering from verbal or physical abuse stay with their abusive partners? Violence between couples impacts women in all cultures worldwide.,,,,,,,,,

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The physicians of Obstetrics & Gynecology Associates are partners in enhancing women's health. Since 1940, we have provided the highest quality and comprehensive healthcare to each of our patients. Our commitment to excellence is focused on the needs of each woman throughout all stages of life. We are proud to provide these services in a comfortable and caring environment....,,,,,,,,,

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Your new baby is finally here and you have a lot to think about: what to do if he cries, when to feed him and also how to get rid of those extra pounds you gained during your pregnancy. If you started out at a…,,,,,,,,,