London Hotel Deals – Get a 1 GBP Room at the Trendy Hoxton Hotel!

The trendy Hoxton Hotel (in the vibrant Shoreditch area of east London) runs £1 flash sales every few months.

There are sometimes around 1000 rooms given away at the special price (though many are £29 rather than £1 – which is still a very good deal).

The Hoxton gets good guest reviews and is at the moment in the top 20 London hotels on TripAdvisor. So it is certainly worth chancing your arm in the hotel’s flash sales!

Guests at the Hoxton seem to enjoy the hotel’s friendly service and inspiring public spaces which often display the work of local artists (the Shoreditch area has quite a few artists’ studios nearby).

Even outside the sales the room rates are also fairly reasonable for London – and often available for less than £100. The Hoxton provides free WiFi for guests which is another important benefit.

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All this makes the promo rooms a real bargain. But you must be very alert on the trigger because the cheapest rooms often disappear within a few short minutes.

It is definitely a matter of luck as to whether you bag yourself one of these bargain rooms. So should you then consider booking the Hoxton even outside the promotion?

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