Comfortable, Home-Away-From-Home and Cheap Tokyo Hotels

Tokyo is one of Japan’s forty-seven prefectures. It is situated near the eastern section of the Honshu main island. It is not only the most populous metro area in the world with 35-39 million people, it also has the largest metro economy in the world at $US 1.479 trillion. Matter of fact, Tokyo is regarded as one of the three of the world economy’s “command centers”, following New York City and London. Other names and ranks for Tokyo are “Alpha World City”; the fourth “Global City”; the “Most Expensive City in the World”; the “Most Livable Megalopolis in the World”; and the third “Most Liveable City”. Being the largest city and the capital of Japan, it houses numerous luxury and cheap Tokyo hotels.

Tokyo was formerly called “Edo”. From a small castle town during the 16th century, it has evolved into the political center of Japan, particularly at the time of Tokugawa Ieyasu’s feudal government. It was in the year 1868 when the name changed from “Kyototo Edo” to “Tokyo” meaning “Eastern Capital”.

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Tokyo has a wide range of accommodations. It would range from Japanese style inns or “ryokans” and Japanese style tourist homes or “minshuku” to youth hostels or YH. These accommodations vary from luxury 5-star rated hotels to budget economical hotels. Whatever budget you have, there is a lodging facility that can compliment it.

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