Mandalay Bay Hotel – An Ultimate Destination For Vacation

Mandalay Bay Hotel constructed in late nineties situated at Las Vegas strip offers guest endless entertainment. The hotel is being awarded with five star ratings by international fraternity for world class service. The luxury palace facilitates exclusive penthouse and it’s surrounded by popular Las Vegas hotels. Traveler will be ecstatic to explore the unconventional hotel rooms which are being designed keeping in mind ancient architecture.

You can relax in hotel rooms as the beds crafted with best available fabrics to comfort your body. The courteous attitude of Mandalay hotel staff has change the perception of international tourist which drives them back to hotel. The hospitality suite features a bar along with plasma TV that creates a perfect atmosphere for party animals to get cozy with their friends. The hotel accommodates a well equipped health club with state of the art fitness center as you can engage in bodybuilding exercises and burn your fats. You can dip in a swanky swimming pool and rent a cabana including comfortable day beds, bungalows as well as lavish villas that offer VIP service. Business tycoons can invite the clients as the hotel features contemporary meeting rooms which are elegantly designed to create a business friendly environment.

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Enjoy the pool side spa treatments while you can listen to melodious songs and dine in open air Beach Bar & Grill restaurant. You can shop postcards, designer t shirts and beach wears which you will cherish for lifetime. Mandalay Bay is known for best dining service offer guest varieties of cuisine including steak, Italian pasta and sea food. Hotel guest can visit the shark reef aquarium that features most mesmerizing creatures like sawfish, green turtles and gold crocodiles. Mandalay bay nightclubs offers guest lively atmosphere as they can dazzle the crowd by shaking a leg on the dance floor.

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